Monday, June 14, 2010

about nothing and everything

It is 11:36 p.m. and this is a post about nothing and everything. It's nothing because it's unorganized and random. It's everything because, well, it covers just about everything...or at least the things that are important to this sleepy-but-can't- sleep mind.

Things like the fact that my feet are very angry at me. Of course, this would have nothing to do with the fact that I just admitted I like going barefoot as much as possible and it has everything to do with NO MOISTURE in West Texas and, according to my mother, the fact that I'm probably not drinking enough water. Well, more moisture in West Texas is bound to not happen and chances of me drinking more water are pretty slim too. So I've taken to slathering Sensual Amber body lotion (amazing, by the way!) on my feet and putting bootie socks on in hopes to heal my dry and cracking soles. Cracking to the point of serious can't-walk-right pain. And yes, I'm kind of a baby when my feet hurt.

It is no secret that Skye loves Micah and Micah loves Skye and they decided to put this love on display in the kitchen.

Uh-huh. In addition to photographing ice cubes in a Mason jar, I also like taking pictures of an ant carrying away crumbs from my muffin. What was even cooler was when another ant came and tried to take away his crumb and he fought him for it. I mean, crumbs are important in the ant world. Stay away from The Crumb.

I enjoyed packing a lunch for my brother tonight. He's all grown up, graduated from high school and working in the real world. Or, a world of talc, anyway. He came home today (his first day) and before I could get the words, "Hey! How was it?!" out, instead I said, "Please stop touching the walls and go change. No, actually, just take everything off in the laundry room and put it right in the washer." He looked like he'd been dipped in baby powder.

Monday night means The Bachelorette is on and it means that I sit down and watch it. Micah watches it with me faithfully and Elsie, of course, does too. Daniel skirts around the issue that he likes watching it but will join us unde the guise of "there's nothing else to do" or something like that. But secretly, he wants to be the next Bachelor. Well, actually it's not a secret because every time Chris Harrison's voice comes on and says, "If you're interested in becoming the next Bachelor," Daniel (excitedly) says, "Heck yes!" and then switches into a redneck accent and adds, "this ol' country boy from West Texas is gonna find love" or something like that. But I'm glad he watches it with me because his input is HI-LARIOUS and I get to text my fellow The Bachelorette watcher, Kristin, throughout the two-hour event. It's like we're sitting next to each other on the couch watching it except that we're not. But since there's 1,200 miles between our living rooms, we'll settle for texting. Right, Kristin?!

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Kristin said...

Texting for the entire viewing of The Bachelorette was the next best thing to have you (and Micah, Elise AND DANIEL!) on my couch with me. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. The show was hilarious and we kept saying the same thing.

I love that your posted the ant picture.

And, you know, being dunked in baby powder at least means Daniel must not smell too bad when he comes home from work!