Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long and lean

Tonight was Skye's second excursion to Micah's baseball practice. We're at the point in our training where I can pull her out of her kennel and do obedience with her all day long but now I need to get her exposed to lots of distractions. What's more distracting to a high-ball-drive dog then sitting outside a baseball field with balls flying everywhere....balls she can't chase? Then, obedience is a true test of will.

The first night she was just pissed. She didn't understand 1) why I loaded her up and took her to a place where she couldn't run, swim, jump or climb over anything and 2) why the hell she couldn't chase any of these flying balls, especially when Micah's used his bat before to hit tennis balls for her.

Tonight was much better, probably because I let her bring her tennis ball and it doubled as a pacifier. Multiple times she carried it through the hole in the fence onto the baseball field, once she dropped it in this little hole and then dug it out. When the boys took a break, I played fetch with her a little. She chewed it, rolled it around, carried it in the radius of her 6' leash, laid with it and then like all ADD teenagers, she lost interest and started barking at the flying balls on the field. At which time, it was time for us to go anyway.

So she carried her precious green tennis ball all the way to the car.

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