Thursday, June 17, 2010

Answers to YOUR questions

The other day I solicited questions on Facebook. I like questions. So here's a few that my friends asked that I'm going to answer (and if you, oh illusive reader, can think of any, leave it in the form of a comment on this post).

Kristin wanted to know if I could live anywhere with all my family and friends where would it be and why?
On the seashores of old Mexico. Or, perhaps, the shore of the Selway River in Idaho or on Kentucky Lake. Basically, anywhere that has LOTS of water because where there is water there is life. And at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, my family and friends represent the purest form of life to me and what better combination then life and more life.

Lance wondered when you blow on soup (coffee, tea, or any other hot substance of choice) to *cool it down*, what is actually happening?
I'm not sure what happens, Lance, when you blow on soup, but for me, it usually starts with the desire to cool something down. So I take a deep breath, pucker my lips and blow out air onto the hot substance. Of course all these things that are "actually happening" happen in an instant and without much thought.

You mentioned properties of diffusion in hint form but unfortunately Wikipedia doesn't have an answer for me. And for the first in my life, Google has only confused me more.

Drew asked if I would ever try playing Scrabble while white water rafting and if I did, who would I play against?
Well, yes, I would play Scrabble while white water rafting especially if someone like Drew were there to give me the idea. I think I'd do this after a few practice runs down the river. But I would do it. And I'd probably play against you, Drew, because you're probably the only person with craziness equal to mine who would think such a thing.

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