Monday, September 5, 2011

happy birthday! and stuff

In the last five days, I:

- turned 28
- painfully sent in my old phone in exchange for a new one
- loved exploring my new Kindle
- played copious amounts of Yahtzee with my willing little sister
- watched a lot of college football
- edited stories
- wrote stories on a lake shoreline
- explored a cemetery with my little brother
- played with the horses and my dog in the water hose
- yelled at my little brother
- cooked
- hugged lots of people
- went braless until 7:30 tonight
- monitored wildfires in my coverage area
- saddened to hear of the significant loss suffered by so many as a result of fires
- loved opening the windows today
- loved the reprieve from 108 degree heat
- made plans for homecoming this weekend (it's fun to have younger siblings in school)
- cleaned my car

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