Tuesday, September 6, 2011

working and waiting

It is no secret that I am a multitasker. Case in point, I have five windows open in my Internet browser right now. My email, work Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, and a Google search on the anatomy of a wildfire. I am also remoted into my work desktop and have three windows open there.

But when I needed inspiration yesterday to write the final installment of a travel series for my paper, I headed to the place I was writing about. In tow was my dog, my brother and sister and a picnic lunch. While they frolicked in the lake, I was hammering out my article, but it wasn't quite fast enough for their liking.

My back is sunburned from staying in this position too long.

1 comment:

randyalan said...

They really don't look happy with you, Holly! lol. Great pic!!