Thursday, September 8, 2011

moments of peace

Sometimes managing a newsroom is much like balancing gravity on your fingertips.
It's crushing.

There are two moments, among many, that I especially enjoy.

One, when the sun's streaming through the blinds onto my desk and computer, creating a glare off the thin layer of dust on my monitor, and the room is either empty or mostly silent.

I get my first look at the day's paper, a second and third glance at what the next day's paper is going to look like, I drink my coffee that I've purchased on my route to work, and if it's a normal morning I eat my oatmeal at approximately 9:15. I check my email, log into Facebook, Twitter and start browsing the TV websites.

At the other end of the day, there is a similar image except in reverse. The sun's lingering light casts a shadow over my workspace and I've edited copy for the next day's paper and "nurtured" (as I like to call it) the news budget for the next few days.

The next morning it will start all over again in a rhythm of sameness and yet predictable unpredictability.

And greeting me every morning will be these...

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