Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the most prolific carrier of rabies

I know more about skunks than I should.

I know they like dog food.

They supposedly don't like srong odors.

They don't want to spray you, and they have to wait about 10 days between sprays.

They're most active on nights when the moon is most full (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week).

Males will travel 6 to 8 miles to get a piece of you-know-what.

They're crepuscular.

During mating season, they give off a scent that's different than their spray.

They only live about 3 years because they become road kill more often that not.

They're near sighted.

They have skeletal systems similar to most rodents.

They're diggers.

They're the most prolific carrier of rabies in the Midwest, and they carry other deadly diseases.


they're still under the Cottage.

I called in reinforcements this morning. After they woke me up at 2 a.m. with their shenanigans, I was waving my white flag.

I gave up trying to exterminator-woman.

I asked for help.

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