Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review: The First Husband

Reading The First Husband by Laura Dave was like reading dialogue between my best friend and I. Dave's ability to capture the exchanges between two women is impeccable, and I can only hope that every woman is as lucky as I am to have those kinds of relationships as exemplified by Annie Adams.

OK, so I know that's not the point of the book, but it's worth noting.

This book is an easy read and perfect for a summer get-away, but don't expect to solve great mysteries or unravel an unpredictable plot. It's classic in the way that you would expect love stories to be- girl gets heart broken, girl meets boy, boy saves the day, girl and boy fall in love, ex-boy is lurking, and an eventual (predictable) choice is made.

What saves the novel is Dave's savvy writing and her ability to paint pictures with words. You're not just reading; you're in the scene.

I could relate to Annie Adams and the challenge issued to her by her best friend (be the opposite of you!) because I challenge myself to the same thing...sometimes. What if I took a chance? What if I did the opposite of what I've always done? Will the results be the same, different? Will I be more satisfied? Sometimes I think it's worth checking out.

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