Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family drama, cleaning closets and no meat

It's been three months since I stopped eating meat and I don't miss it. I haven't noticed any super changes in my body or in the way I feel (good or bad), but I do believe not introducing the process chemicals into my system is good. I'm up to walking nearly 2 miles every day and eat a lot more fresh things.

I'm blessed and fortunate to have friends with great fashion taste who clean their closets. Don't ever think you're too old for hand-me-downs (you're totally not). I Facebook status'd the other day about a great dress I was wearing and someone wanted a picture. This isn't the dress, but an outfit I wore the other day. When people say, "Oh, that is sooo cute, where did you get that?" I definitely don't say, "My friend's closet."

Family drama is moving at the speed of family drama. I'm sad, resigned and glad to be in the place I'm in - as far removed as I can get. That's a different place for me to be in. I'm always the fixer, the mediator, the negotiator, but not this time. My reaction is the same one I'd have to road kill ("I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole.") It doesn't mean I don't feel the losses or the ripple effects. It just means I'm under no obligation or illusion that I can make any of it better.

I wish I would've counted the times I said "Tuck, no! Fooey!" this morning before 7. I got tired of hearing my own voice. And then I start pleading, "C'mon, buddy, we had a good vacation together. Let's keep it up." But not when there's flip-flops to chew and food to grab, Skye to wrestle too rough with and table legs to chew on. Everyone wanted to know how he did on the 2,028 mile trip. He did great! I'm lucky that all my dogs have LOVED to travel and view the back of my car as their space. 

Skye missed me. She didn't miss Tuck, though.

I brought home some really great vintage things for the Cottage. Some have already been spread throughout. Others need a little work.

Life is exciting right now for a lot of different reasons. I'll divulge when I can, as I can!

For now, let's get this party started.

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