Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the {dog} birds and the bees

My dog's heat cycle has been the topic of conversation for about four months now. Or, at least the expected May heat cycle, and then the non-existent May heat cycle.

Text conversations have ranged from, "Are we making babies this month?" to "Skye's still not in heat yet...crap."

Unbeknownst to her, she's provided {dog} sex education for my non-dog-reproduction savvy friends who wonder how often she's in heat (is it every month?) and why I can't breed her at day one of her heat cycle (that's not when she's ovulating).

So I've been sitting around waiting for her heat cycle to start, and it's not.

"I've raised a pro-choice bitch," I texted her baby-daddy's daddy.

Or just a bitch.

My momma's girl got a "will bite" sticket in her folder at the vet today! I wanted to dispute it. She's not a bad girl!

But she did bite the vet. After she ripped the muzzle off. After she screamed and was snapping when he touched her. After she freaked out over the three attempts of getting her temperature taken. After she lovingly greeted the vet techs.

You can see the progression there. I mean, she warned them like six times: don't touch my body. Please.

Xrays were successfully taken and the results are that her hips are great (no dysplasia and no future signs of it!) and her spine too.

And I was asked to go retrieve her from her kennel where she was groggily waiting for me because "she's not having any of us."

And then I texted a friend (several) of the good news:

"Skye's hips are cleared! We can have babies."

And then the appropriate response:

"Good. You are a go for sex."

{Dog} sex education is coming along nicely.

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