Friday, May 4, 2012

these days

These days are peaceful days.
Yes, there is uncertainity around me, and yes, there is the sadness.

But these days {my days} are peaceful.

Tuck and Skye and I are settling into our routine of being a family of three. Someone recently told me they had no time to watch TV because they had four kids. I wanted to say, "I have no time to watch TV. I have two dogs and a newspaper that publishes 365 days a year," but I didn't. I get her point. Unless you've had two dogs and a newspaper that publishes 365 days a year, you probably wouldn't get mine.

My peaceful days start in the Cottage and very early. Or, at least early for me. The dogs and I are usually up right as the sun's rising and every morning we walk a mile. I get that out of the way before the coffee's brewed.

By the time we're done, they're exhausted and laid out panting on the kitchen floor. I brew the coffee, maybe sweep the floor, but always check on my little garden. Maybe I'll water. Or maybe I'll wait till the evening.

A couple hours after my day starts, I'm off to work. Off to the swirling newsroom, as I like to call it. And then I'm home again.

Home to walk with the dogs again.
Home to train them.
Home to read a book and write a book review.
Home to drink a beer, catch up on emails and Facebook.
Home to check on the garden again. Maybe water. Maybe not.
Home to sleep.

These are my days in a comfortable ebb and flow, just the way I like it. Organic. Peaceful. Robust. Simple.


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