Wednesday, February 9, 2011

targets ???

We leave the house in the mornings a little rushed.

It's usually 7:35. Generally, I've been up for at least an hour and have all the horses fed, the dogs let out, the vehicle started for optimal warmth, I've gotten ready, made sure everyone is up and rolling, and in recent days I've been making breakfast and coffee, which we sit down and eat. Yes, it takes another 10-12 minutes out of our morning, but we've all agreed so far that it's worth it.

We still leave the house in the mornings a little rushed.

But sometimes there's some things that make me stop in my schedule-driven tracks to consider my scenery.

Like Tuesday morning, for example. And three upside down Pepsi bottles stuck in the ground along the driveway.

"Um, what are these doing out here?" was my question directed to Micah.

His answer is quite logical for a country boy.

Target practice.

Ah, makes perfect sense.

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