Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(un)Reality TV

I watch it. And I enjoy it. The days of my week are organized by many things and one of those things is what evening is what reality TV show I like.

So while I might dread the passing of my weekend, Monday is made all the more tolerable by knowing the Bachelor is waiting for me when I get home.

The Bachelor....
It's a date night with multiple people - Kristin from far-far away, my little sister and my brother. My mom usually catches the end of it with us when she gets home from work.

I like Brad. He's from Austin, nice-looking, progressive. He's also dumb for keeping Michelle around and the show should just be ended right now with a marriage between him and Emily. Although, the fact that he keeps Michelle makes me wonder if he's worth anything. And if he's worthless then he's not for Emily who my sister and I agree is perfect.

There is nothing about Emily I don't like. No thing. If he sends her home, I'll stop watching. I do think she'd make a great candidate for the next Bachelorette, though.

Chantal is annoying and I thought her behavior childish last week.

Shawntel's date cracked me up the whole time. And the corkscrew popping off unexpectedly topped the whole dinner off.

Alli can stop whining anytime now.

Michelle can jump off a bridge and Ashley can wipe the fake smirk off her face.

The Biggest Loser ....
Tuesday night is spent in the recliner crying usually. This show is about so much more than fat people losing weight. People complain about "Jillian's mouth" and say they mute the show. Those people are missing out and probably need a little of "Jillian's mouth" in their face.

She's all about getting people to see past the exterior of their obesity and into their hearts. She realizes that the weight is a symptom and in order to fix it, they have to get to the bottom of the cause. And if yelling and cussing is the way to do it, more power to her.

The Yellow team is one of my favorites, but I really love Courtney. I think ultimately the competition will be between her and Rulon of the Yellow team.

Arthur should be losing more weight (he's the heaviest Biggest Loser contestant ever), and Q needs to focus.

Dan (or was it Don?) did good at home, which I was not expecting after he threw the weigh-in. Can't believe Irene went along with that idea, but good for her for losing 8 pounds this week.

I think it's funny that the new trainers are star-struck by the ranch and Bob and Jillian.

American Idol ...
I haven't watched the talent show for a few years, and when this season started I wasn't planning on it. I wasn't sold on the new judges. But Elsie started recording it, and after a couple weeks, I was sucked in. There's something endearing about people who think they sing (and clearly cannot) and the humble few who just do their thing. As a matter of fact, what started out as family viewing time turned into me watching it alone last week. That's when I knew I was officially hooked. For how long I don't know, but for now it is what it is.

My favorite quote so far this season...
"My dad is not a hippy. Hippies believe in.....seeexxxxx."

Precious boy.

The man whose fiance is disabled made me cry. I like the girl whose interning at the White House and I laughed out loud at her Monica Lawinsky joke.

"I'm an intern at the White House and I reallllly love our president...but not in the Monica Lawinsky kind of way."

The last girl who auditioned last week in Nashville was alright. Didn't really hear anything to get too excited about.

And yeah, I like the new judging panel. The size of Steven Tyler's mouth scares me sometimes, and I wonder about the authenticity of some of JLo's tears, but they're keepin' it real.

As it turns out, American Idol airs Wednesday and Thursday nights right now, which is kind of presumptuous to occupy two nights of our week yet we watch.

So that's my (un)reality TV watching, and I know this might alter your opinion of me. But I have it on good record that I'm not the only smart, educated, professional woman who indulges in some on-screen drama.

On-screen drama means it's not my drama, and I kinda dig that.

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Kristin said...

I will not let you stop watching The Bachelor. Ever. And I mean that in the most loving way ... :)