Saturday, February 19, 2011

curbside fellowship in a parking lot

I spent Friday night in Austin with very amazing friends, Kelly and Karah. We'd finished making dinner at the Ronald McDonald House and decided to go grab a bite to eat and visit.

We were pulling out of a restaurant whose parking lot was FULL, and Kelly jumped out of her vehicle to go say something to Karah who was leading the way.

She locked her keys in the truck.

And I started taking pictures....

It was like a block party .... in a very busy parking lot on a very busy frontage road on a very busy Friday night.

Karah's fiance joined us, and I got him involved in our picture-taking party. After standing around for ten minutes, we decided to occupy the curb while we waited for Kelly's husband to bring the spare key. I mean, why not?

Once night fell, people kept trying to get in our line of parked vehicles. Chris had to direct traffic and verbally inform drivers to GO AROUND.

Kelly felt bad. But seriously, who gets to hang out on a curb in a parking lot in "that part" of Austin for 75 minutes?
US! And we really loved nearly every minute of it.

I've never eaten at this restaurant. But I've spent some quality time in its parking lot with people who are very important to me.

Kelly's husband, Brent, arrived, and the now-five of us found a nearby Chilis where we ate, laughed, talked, caught up, and fellowshipped-not-on-a-curb for several hours.
This is what life is made of, right?
I should think so.

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