Tuesday, February 1, 2011

from my point of view

It's cold in Central Texas, but I laughed this morning when my paper referred to this snap of chilly weather as an "arctic cold front." I think my friends in Cloudcroft, New Mexico would laugh too.

Anyway, this cold front was expected and since it was 70-something degrees yesterday, I took the opportunity to photograph some things from my point of view.

My Skye-baby, who sometimes I threaten to sell on Ebay. But I haven't yet.

Will has the softest, kindest brown eyes, and he enjoys sitting next to me.

I don't sweep every day, but I probably should.

Have you ever picked up a pair of someone's crocs and thought, 'I should take a picture?'

The spring-like air was awesome circulating through our house. That was yesterday. Today, the front door is deadbolted to keep the draft out.

He wanted to come inside, but was not allowed.

It didn't matter that I was walking around in the living room; she still had her eye on me.


Amy Bushatz said...

I love your blog :-)
Are you still on your crazy diet program thing? What are the limits of that again? *she writes as she dashes off to the gym to work off last night's counter-productive ice cream binge. Sigh*

Nancy said...

I love our home...thanks for the sweet reminders...wiltives