Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cannot forget these moments

My best friend has a baby and I took him to a winery, because that's what best friends do.

The complete story, if you must know, is I was watching him in an unfamiliar town where I did not know where parks were located. Since we wanted to play, I needed grass so it was either the winery or a cemetery. And as I suspected, there was lots of ground for him to play on at the winery, and even corn hole boards and a black lab.


Much like my friendship with his mother.

We laugh, we cry, we road trip, we sleep in the king-size bed, we drink, we read, we watch TV. She reminds me to take my glasses off before I fall asleep and gives me gifts, like a journal that says "unload" on the front, because she knows I often need to, or a book of short stories with the title, "Cowboys are my Weakness." She inspires me, strengthens me, she's got my back.

I wish we were neighbors.

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