Wednesday, November 9, 2011

these moments

Friends who don't usually stay up late, waited up for me last Saturday night and met me in their driveway when I rolled in at nearly midnight.

My moments with them are strangely normal. We don't do anything fancy. We play cards when the kids go to bed, we watch TV, we move around in the kitchen at the same time, I tag along during chores and errands, and sit in the nursery with them during church.

Their kids know me. One remembers me, one had no reason to, but repeated my name throughout the house and wanted me to "hold you" every chance he got.

Our friendship has spanned a few years now and many miles. They've stayed rooted in one town; I've floated around in a few states and they've patiently kept up with me. I was worried, you know, the first time I left. Some friends let you fade.

They did not.

Our greatest ally is technology. Kristin and I email almost every day, strings of conversation that encompasses our respective drama, mundane daily activities, gossip and stories. We rarely talk on the phone, but text often. And, of course, utilize Gchat and Facebook.

On Monday evening, I said I was going to take a walk in the park across their house. My legs were still stiff from my 14-hour drive and I needed to move around.

Kristin said she would go with me and before long, Greg and the kids had their shoes on and we all went.

It's a good example of our friendship. moments that beg to be remembered and conversations that can't be forgotten.

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Kristin said...

Um, I need that picture of them holding hands. So, speaking of technology, can you email it to me? :)

You are so worth staying up late for. I'd do it again tonight if you'd come back. Love you!