Wednesday, November 23, 2011

mechanic heaven.

My mechanic is programmed in my phone, but most noteworthy is that I have one.

Finding and keeping a good one is more important to me than finding a doctor, or a hair dresser.

If you've read here very long, you'll remember why.

When I lived in Kentucky, I had a mechanic, but then I've moved a lot and a sacrifice of moving is never finding a shop my car can call its own.

Well, now it can.

The deal was sealed when the mechanics, after serving coffee and visiting with me during the diagnostic, brought me the estimate, but only after he had categorized them according to priority and stapled them together, from most urgent to need-to-get-this-done-next to this-can-wait-the-longest.

And then he handed it to me and the angels that inhabit only good mechanic's shops sang, and I heard them.

It felt like a cup of steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. That good.

It's a list. It's categorized. The shop promotes savings through online deals, and they gave me a 10 percent discount, just because.

It's mechanic heaven.

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