Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny People

Funny things happen all the time at my/mom's house and while I don't consider myself the funniest person in my family, apparently I provide entertainment in my sleep.

Don't let your imagination run wild with that.

But anyway, last night was impromptu-sleep-over night at my house, Elsie in bed with me and Micah on the mattress on the floor next to my bed. Elsie came to bed later then I did and while I remember her crawling in next to me, I also remember struggling for about 2 hours before I could go to sleep. My leeggggssss.....

I woke up this morning and Elsie was gone. I realized this while laying diagonally across my queen-size bed. I figured my kicking and punching had driven her elsewhere.

Only later did I find out that she had woken up around 2 with her heart racing and she had shaken me repeatedly while nearly yelling, "Holly, wake up! My heart!"

My concerned response?

A solid sleep-filled "Yup!"

(I have no recollection of my sleepy reply)

Last night Mom, Elsie and I were watching a Lifetime movie, "Where The Heart Is," and while I was laying on the couch watching the repeated advertisement for the "Pregnany Pact", I had an ephiphony-like revelation.

"Mom!!!!" I yelled and sat up, interrupting her in the middle of something she was saying. I can't even remember what it was now.

"I know why you're so fertile!!!!"

She kinda looked at me, waiting for my insight.

"Because your name is in PREGNANCY!!!!!!"

Honestly, I can't remember the last time we laughed so hard - till tears, really.

"I never even thought of that before," she laughed.

That explains everything.

And while this post was titled "funny people" and both stories happened to involve me, I in no way claim to be the funniest member of my family or even in the top five of the funniest people in my family. It's really just ironic, that's all.

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Kristin said...

"Where the Heart Is" is not a Lifetime movie. :) It's better than a Lifetime movie. And the book is even better.