Sunday, December 19, 2010

By day and by night

I read an article recently about journalists who live with their parents and being completely okay with it. Like, it's normal. You know what's not normal? Being a journalist and NOT living with your parents.

By day, I'm a newspaper editor leading my noble staff to reporter-victory.

By night, I'm a tired and sometimes cranky big sister who gets frustrated at the dogs and yells at incompetent athletes on TV.

I also misbehave in McDonalds and try my best to tell a joke but inherently fail.

I used to be a journalist and not live with multiple family members. But now I've joined the honorable ranks of reporters who rub shoulders with important-titled people by day and at night cuddle on the couch with a sibling and a football game.

They are honorable ranks, really. There's no sarcasm there.

While I'm blogging this, my little brother is playing PS3 with a friend right next to me. My sister's alternating between watching them and reading over my shoulder.

I'm cataloging in my head my to-do list for tomorrow ... as newspaper editor and big sister.

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