Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and winter and other things I haven't thought too much about

Yesterday was the first day of winter. It was 88 degrees here in Texas.

Now we know how the great southern state feels about winter. I mean, I'll admit, 88 degrees is an improvement from the weather I was dealing with last December but there's still something to be said about coldness and Christmas and wintertime.

I'm still sipping my tea with a blanket handy just in case the temperature dips into, you know, the 50s *gasp*!

I did not care about the lunar eclipse (was it last night?) and therefore I did not stay up any later past my bedtime to watch it.

I care about Christmas from the standpoint of celebrating baby Jesus' birth. Otherwise, the reason I haven't blogged about Christmas before now is because I'm just not feeling the proverbial Christmas spirit.

Could be that it's hard to be festive in 88-degree weather. Could be that I'm a scrooge this year and am just not feeling it. Could also be that my profession does not lend itself to the Christmas spirit. The day is just another news day.

One thing I have thought about is 2011 and my resolution, which I never have. I've also been thinking about my Year in Review post. And my newspaper's last edition of the year, which is going to kick ass.

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Mary Zolene said...

Christmas in Ohio is quite the opposite! 30 degrees and a light dusting of snow on top of our existing 18 inches!! Come visit!