Wednesday, December 1, 2010

to-do lists, I love you. I hate you.

I was going to bless your reading eyes with a picture of my to-do list.

When I took the picture, I decided not to post it because, you know, I might have stalkers.

But then I reasoned with myself that the whole point of this post was to show you how I color-coordinate my life. And I couldn't do that without a picture.

So I took another picture.

But when I enhanced the colors, I changed it to gray scale, which I realized defeated the whole purpose (color!) of posting the picture.

Instead of "undoing" my gray scale option, I deleted it, took another picture and started over.

Basically, I've been really busy today. And if you're wondering about the gap in the middle of the paper, that symbolizes a "break" between the morning and afternoon/evening. Ha! break.

I wrote five stories plus a column. I conducted a man-on-the-street survey. I rewrote a couple stories for our daily publication. I inputted a bunch of stuff (there's not a better word for it!) into our editorial system and edited the crap out of it. Or tried to. I talked to one of our 'editors' about a headline that misused "effect." He was pissed and venting about it.

"Look at the headline on the bottom of the front page," he said and I obliged.

"Oh, they used 'e'ffect instead of 'a'ffect," I replied immediately.

"When do you use 'e'ffect?" he asked.

"Well, 'e'ffect is a noun, 'a'ffect is a verb," I answered. I passed his venting test.

I organized my paper for tomorrow's production. I met with students, teachers and the principal at the high school to talk about an anti-bullying campaign (neat stuff!) and I tried to Twitter but of course, Twitter was not cooperating, which is why I don't like it. I don't like Twitter.

Back to the to-do list.

I love them. I love writing things on them and then crossing them off. Today, though, it felt like I was crossing one thing off and adding two more, which is why I hate them sometimes.

I have two stories to write still but creatively, I'm exhausted. If you couldn't tell. This isn't exactly the most creatively inspiring post ever.

So I shall end it.

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