Friday, December 24, 2010

when your mom calls, but didn't mean to call YOU

Mom just called, which in the world of texting is kind of unusual so since I'm just sitting at my desk waiting for the Santa-Clause-on-a-firetruck tour to start and perusing blogs I haven't read in awhile, I had time to answer.

Have you ever been talking to someone, making small talk, and then at a decidedly awkward point in the conversation, you realize that person 1) doesn't know it's you they're talking to and 2) didn't mean to call you? And it's your job to break the news to them?


She's my mom and it was still awkward.

She told me she was on her way home, we chitchatted about the weather ("it's raining here, is it raining there?") and then: "So how did Evalyn sleep last night?"

I thought she was joking so I went along with it, "Um, I wouldn't know because...wait, you know this is Holly, right?"

The admission-of-guilt pause. Classic.

"You were next!" she said in her defense, before I could even begin to tease her about it.

She assured me she did intend to call me, just not at that moment.

"I meant to," she said. "I just didn't know which one of my speed dial buttons I pushed."

Blame it on technology, Mom. It can take it.

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