Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa was slapped in the face

There are different camps of religious folks this time of year.

The ones who herald Jesus' birthday. The ones who don't mention him. The ones who criticize the ones who don't mention him. A large portion exhort everyone to remember the reason for the season (Jesus) and others put their foot down against commercialism of the Savior's birth while scrambling last minute for the 900th gift.

Santa Claus was slapped in the face tonight.

I had to cover a (pointless, pointless) event tonight where Santa Claus was toted around on a firetruck across town with two predetermined stops - one at an elementary school, the other at a grocery store.

I waited an hour and a half for him at the school, which happened to be hosting a church's Christmas Eve service.

Vehicles lined the street and around three blocks as people poured into the school to celebrate the baby in the manger.

Ten people showed up for Santa Claus.

For all the religious folks who stand up to defend the CHRIST in Christmas, rest easy.
Santa doesn't win every time.

Oh, and did you know that if you scramble the letters of Santa, it spells Satan?? **gasp**

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Amy Bushatz said...

you are hilarious. merry christmas :-)