Monday, January 31, 2011

remembering Sam

I think about him most every day.
I talk about him often.
I wish he were here in my newsroom.
My office isn't in Silver City anymore, but it still feels empty without him.
This job feels odd without his input and vigor.
Someone asked me Saturday if I thought you could be a journalist without a degree. Sam is proof of that. He unwittingly put many scholared journalists to shame.
This picture is on my cell phone still and always will be. Along with his phone number, and his friendship on Facebook. Call it denial or what you will.

He's still my friend.

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Nancy said...

That's so odd you should write this, Holly! Sam is still on my fb page, cell and in my heart. He really strethced me and made me view people with a different eye...and I'm so grateful for how he enriched all of us...and how he took care of my girl! I admired him, was thankful for him and also miss the stories you two put were/are an amazing team! Love you, Sam! <3