Wednesday, March 28, 2012

conversations with Katie

Katie is my sister/former housemate/bestest friend/personal shopper/middle-of-the-night call-her/OMG-you're-never-going-to-believe this-her.

Some of our recent text conversations have been indicative of the range in our friendship and I thought I'd share.

ME: How's your day?
HER: Good. I'm at the zoo with Will, Mike, Rose and the kids.
ME: Oh fun!!! That sounds great. It's a beautiful day!
HER: It is!! It's a mad house, tho. Semi stressful.
ME: Oh, I bet. :(
HER: And I just got shit on by a bird.
ME: HAHA!!!!
ME: Sorry.

I sent her a picture of my garden area.

HER: Yay!! That looks great!
ME: Thanks! It's all stuff I either had or found and then put my thinking cap on and put it all together. I had to haul the dirt from a field up a long ass hill.
HER: How funny!! I bet it was good farm soil tho!!
ME: I hope so. It felt like a Biggest Loser-style work out.
HER: Oh man!!
ME: I did 2 push-ups today and thought I would die.
ME: Two.
ME: Not 22. Two.
HER: It's a start!!
HER: Better than 1. Or none.
ME: Ha. Good point, coach.
HER: :) I do what I can.
ME: I mean, you're no Bob, but I'll take what I can get.

ME: I'm worried about my plants b/c Blue won't stay out of the dirt. I swear, if he destroys my plants, he's goin' down.
HER: Ohh no, isn't that back area fenced?
ME: No. And it's out of the sun. My plan is to maybe find a table or something to set them on. But still...
HER: That'd be so sad.
ME: Um, yes. Literally, I would probably cry.
HER: Umm I would too. I would cry for you.
ME: You know I'm going to go ape shit when these things start producing, right?
HER: Umm ya. I guessed that.

ME: Is it OK if Skye spends the weekend w/ you while I'm in Dallas?
HER: Getting the same text as the sis sitting next to me isn't cool FYI.
ME: Haha! I dig mass texts.
HER: I don't.
ME: Oh god. I'll have to bring my plants too. F**k.
HER: Haha. Her auntie Kate will love to have her.
ME: Much appreciated!
ME: Do you want me to bring her crate?
ME: Never mind, I just will. It'll be an easy place to put her when you've had enough of her.
ME: And lord knows, you WILL have enough of her.

ME: EXCLUSIVE TEXT MSG TO YOU: maybe there will be a hot editor at the conference this weekend.
HER: Thx for the exclusive text. That'd be totally awesome!! You should be looking and available.
ME: I will be a hungry cougar.
HER: That's a little aggressive.
ME: Don't underestimate me.
HER: Hahaha never.

I sent her a picture of Skye.

ME: She's looking forward to being with her auntie Katie! I sent this to four other people, by the way.
HER: I appreciate you being honest about the mass texts and Skye won't be spoiled at auntie Kate's house. She'll have to mind her manners for special treatment.
ME: She will melt your heart of stone with her liquid brown eyes and long tongue. Mark my words.
ME: Also, she didn't tear up carpet today. Basically, she's perfect.
HER: yay Skye. She minded her manner. Not manners, manner. one.
ME: Oh, there's more. She didn't run away and came every time she was told.
HER: Wow. I'm blown away!!
ME: I know. What can I say?
ME: OK. I have to go to bed. I'm getting up @ 7 to exercise for Day #2. Gotta lose 10by May 19. Gotta not die while doing push-ups.
ME: Gotta do a lot of shit tomorrow.
HER: You're a bad ass!!!
ME: Oh yeah, my 2/10 of a mile run. I'm a beast.
HER: Hey it counts!!!
ME: It will eventually when 2/10 becomes like 210. OK, possible exaggeration. But you get the picture. And yes, for the record, I'm running in circles around my neighbor's house.
HER: Classic!!! Better than the highway!!
ME: Heck yes. OK. Good night. Love you.
HER: Night. Love you too.


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The Logarithmic Spiral said...

I loved this post. Not a fan of the spam comments though. What gives??