Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Picking out cupcakes is daunting, I tell you. After the fourth time of eyeing my selection, handling a couple packages, checking for nutritional information and debating chocolate or vanilla for 10 minutes, I told myself, "You look crazy doing this right now. Make a decision."

It's the simple decisions that are the hardest for me, and this is always manifested in the grocery store.

I learned how to walk every aisle from my friend and my mother taught me to consider pricing. I've taught myself to read nutrition labels. Combined, all three factors have a part to play in the length of time I can spend in the grocery section.

Well, all those things plus the fact that by the time I'm grocery shopping, I'm decompressing. There's a certain level of relaxation that comes from browsing, shopping off my list, planning meals in my head, selecting items off the shelf, shopping on a budget, bringing it all home and unpacking it.

And to all who are watching...I'm not crazy. I'm just shopping. And taking my time.

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