Friday, March 23, 2012

some sentences strung together

I worked 60 hours this week, and have wondered why I'm so doggone tired at night. It makes sense now, doesn't it? There's nothing more comforting than driving up the driveway in a car that spent the day in the shop being repaired and having the dog-who-thinks-he's-mine running alongside In fact, there's nothing more comforting than just being home.

My car really did spend the day in the shop getting a problem fixed that I was told about five months ago. Apparently wheel bearings are important and mine needed to be October. Well, you know, they got replaced today. I hated spending my meager tax refund on such a boring project, but I was very thankful. Very, very thankful. And, since it was my wheel bearings that were fixed and for the past five months I've smelled an *ahem* burning smell every time I exit the vehicle, I got my sniffer right next to my tire tonight to see if I could smell it. It smelled hot and I wondered if that's what a tire usually smells like after it's been driven. I don't know. I've never smelled my tires before.

Not only does my mechanic make a prioritized to-do list for me - he REMEMBERS it! *sigh*

I love the drive home from a long day's work. I love seeing the Cottage waiting for me, I love the dog who's here to greet me. I love my plants who wait to be watered, and my bed. I love that I don't have to work this weekend. Well, technically, work.

This week was productive and I like that feeling. It mixed all the elements of why I love my job - unpredictable, organization, planning, delivering. (I'm aware the tense agreement is a little funky on those descriptors).

I just killed an insanely huge moth on my bed with a pile of paper. Yes, I have a small pile of 81/2x11 sheets of paper on my bed. They have words on them.

It's time for me to divorce myself from a computer.
Good night, digital world.

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