Friday, March 16, 2012

some words strung together

Wind and rain is slapping against the front of the Cottage and incidentally the windows my desk sits in front of. There's something comforting about a Texas thunderstorm.

My 80-pound German shepherd doesn't agree with me. She's currently in her hiding spot next to the toilet in the bathroom. And to think she's my personal protection dog! I guess we all have our fears.

My niece is asleep in the bedroom next to me. I checked on her a moment ago and found her asleep on the carpet. Apparently she rolled.

I hired a babysitter the past two days for the first time in my life. It's not surprising given that I'm not a mother, but traditionally I've been the one on the babysitter/nanny end. The moment of departure was awkward. What's a good thing to say when you leave a babysitter with your precious child/niece? I'd already given her the run down (twice, I'm sure, in my semi-frazzled state), I'd kissed Evalyn, told her goodbye and then....

Thirty minutes later I wanted to check and see if everything was going OK, but I managed to hold off for 50 minutes. I was glad to hear they were getting along splendidly and watching Mary Poppins.

You can't really make scrambled eggs in a Crock pot.

I found a flea on Skye two days ago and went ape shit on the Cottage. I lose my mind over fleas. Hopefully I've taken care of these suckers.

I really like March Madness and think college football should be structured in the same way. I especially like this year's tournament because my Murray State Racers are in it to win it.

My brother is a sailor!!

The past two days at work were especially stressful. It's always stressful, but this was compounded. We made it, though.

Speaking of work, I have to go back there tomorrow. I might need to go to bed now.

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