Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog Projects

I'm going to start two new projects on my blog and they will start tomorrow.

So be prepared!!

One will be:

Memory Monday. It's going to be just that - a random memory that I decide to share with you all. Despite the fact that I can barely remember sentence-to-sentence in a conversation lately, I have been having random memories pop into my mind. So I'm going to record them here...every Monday.

The other is:

Byte of Lyme. (that name may change - I don't know.) Anyway, I'm going to post every Thursday a little something about Lyme Disease and how it's functioning in my body particularly. It's bothered me that when people ask me questions about this disease, I don't really have all the answers I'd like to give them. So I've been doing an incredible amount of research lately and would like to use this forum (as well as my other blog to spread the word about LD and its effects on our society.

So there you have it.
(scroll down and read my two other posts from tonight! I've been busy!!)

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