Monday, August 3, 2009

What to say....

I don't really have anything of note to blog about tonight. Some things I'm thinking about are:

- changing my diet to a more Lyme-friendly one
- the job I almost applied for today that could very well have been a stalker/killer
- the fact that my Blackberry is PISSING me off
- bugs keep biting me!!
- my mom and siblings and how I want everyone to just be happy...and fulfilled
- the length of my book and how the writer could probably have narrowed the pages to half. It's annoying and yet, I'm still reading
- did upload new positions I can apply for?
- blogstalking
- what Pete and I will do tomorrow - today we had an "in-house day" complete with pillow fights, Memory, Candyland, rest time, etc.
- Josey's birthday party tomorrow and what all I will have to do to help things along
- my car needs its oil changed VERY BADLY
- my friends who are very sick

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