Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is mainly about the dogs

Today was my day and I did enjoy it.

Some of my favorite things I did today:

slept in (just till 9:30)
swam with the dogs in the lake for a couple hours before lunch
brushed my dogs
changed back into my PJs
watched TV
let the dogs play in the lake again
got a few groceries
made homemade pizza and yellow cake

You know my dogs love me, right?

I didn't realize how I've neglected them until today when they were both (especially Jada) so, so, so, so, so happy just to be with you. How do I know that? I wish you could have seen it. But I'll try and explain. :)

It takes a lot for Jada to get excited but when she is excited she's the most adorable dog ever. Her whole body is wagging and she's jumping up off the ground and running back and forth. Every time she saw me today, that was her reaction. Even when I was wading into shore from swimming in the lake and even though she'd seen me the whole time I was out there, she acted like she hadn't seen me all day. And when we went on the dock, she was just wagging under my feet, looking at me, watching my every step, waiting for my next move. I love her.

And....Jada's not a swimmer. She doesn't bother herself with silly nonsense like chasing after things in the water. Mind you, she loves the water but she loves to wade - not swim. Usually when I'm out there, I have to call her out to me and she'll oblige. But today she just kept swimming out to me on her own. She'd swim out, I'd hold her for a minute and then let her go. But she'd just swim in a circle and come right back to me. She makes me smile.

And then there's Skye. I've made the mistake of not exercising her the past few days. Not the best idea for an eager German Shepherd. Last night she was running circles in my room, across my bed, in the bathroom. She pretty much went crazy. I was laying there talking to my mom and she'd run across my body and then throw herself on the pillow next to me, her long snout across my face.

So today she was exercised...a lot. And hopefully tonight will be calmer.

Tomorrow it's more of what I did Wednesay except (hopefully) minus the anger part.

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