Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Australian Shepherd saved me...again

I’ve been making concerted efforts along the way, small steps at a time, to make good choices for myself. A big part of that is leaving the office at a decent time every day and retiring to an outdoors location whether it be the lake or a city park or a little café. My new work computer means I’m able to blog, and catch up on emails and social media that I haven’t had time for during the day, write my columns, read and generally reflect.

I picked a new park yesterday after treating myself to an ice cream cone and found a picnic table in a pavilion to relax for a little bit.

I really wanted comfort food in addition to the ice cream cone. I’ve been battling health issues this week, I’m tired, worn out, on the brink of exhaustion, and what better way to soothe all ills than with a cheeseburger?

And that’s when I saw him.

A beautiful, beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd.

I wanted to touch him.

I kept my eye on him and his owner (in a non-creepy way) as they walked away from me on the trail and then circled back around. I waited till they were close and then I made my move.

The woman was stand-offish at first and later I found out it was because her Aussie was new to the park environment and doesn’t like people.

But he loved me. He didn’t bark and he meandered over and let me touch him.

His name was Bo, and he was the size of my Jada.

Bo pulled me off my comfort food ledge, and when I told his owner he made my day, I meant it.

It’s amazing what a dog can do.

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