Friday, July 29, 2011

some words strung together

I'm tired tonight. It was going to be a long week anyway and then it got even longer. Yet somehow here we are at Friday. Already. And it's the end of Friday at that.

I'm thankful tonight. I have amazing friends who I can text at random times and who will text me back and then understand when I don't respond. It's because the newsroom is spinning and somehow it all has to come together to kick ass. And we have been.

I'm regretful tonight. If that's a word. Unless you were calling or texting me yesterday or today with an inside scoop on Naser Jason Abdo, it was unlikely you were being replied or responded to. In many cases, I told you that and I hope you weren't offended.

I haven't slept a whole lot leading up to tonight. Usually that is not a good idea for me, but somehow I've been able to maintain cohesive thoughts and decision-making skills. Like should I eat an ice-cream cone tonight, or should I bother with a wine glass or drink the remaining liquid out of the bottle?

I'm reflective tonight. What could I have done differently this week, especially yesterday and today? What should have I done that I didn't do? How can we improve?

I'm glad tonight. We beat CNN, and the NYT blog linked to us. That's an ego-booster.

Mostly, I'm tired tonight. I think my brain is reconciling with my body and they're coming to an awkward agreement that sleep is the best option for me as a whole right now.

And so hopefully I will sleep and I will not set an alarm.


Kristin said...

Good work this week. Go rest now. :)

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

I am even more bummed now that I missed your phone call, but feel incredibly honored that you wanted me to be your "phone dinner date." I love you and miss you terribly.

PS, my "word verification" is BLESS. That's I feel when I think of your friendship :) We'll talk SOON! I know it :)