Monday, July 11, 2011


Suddenly, I want to do more.

Live more, explore more, experience more, help more, love more, write more, save more, simplify more, connect more, risk more, hope more. Be more, journey more, get into my heart more, adventure more, lose more, embrace more, touch more, see more, do more, hear more, inspire more, analyze more, think more, watch more, listen more, lay more, manage more.

Get less, worry less, stress less.

Be more self-centered, more aware, more reflective, introspective, critical. Read more, write more, educate more.

Live adventure, peace, hope, healing.

Hear people’s heart and write their stories, unabridged and unencumbered.

Mother more, nurture more, give more. Go more, stay less. Reach out, receive, give back.

I am free, hindered only by my own inhibitions and the restraints I restrain myself with.

What about money? What about bills? What about my job? What about my family? What about my dog? What about my colleagues? What about love? What if I fail, it doesn’t work, it’s painful, it crashes and burns? What if I go under, lose respect, lose myself?

But, what if in the process of seeking it – this greater sense of satisfaction in doing good – I find myself, liberate myself, set myself free? Free of fear, free falling into where I should be, what I should be doing. If, in the process of helping others, I’m helping my own heart?

How can I be inspired, changed, equipped? How can I transform that inspiration, change, preparedness into good?

I don’t have to change the world – I just need to change the corner I live in.

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