Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Man Zeb

I claim another dog is (was) my heart and soul, but Zeb is what holds the two together. From crazy RV parks in Idaho to now. He waits for me to come home on Friday and we have our cuddle session for as long as we both can tolerate it, and then he goes to lay down in his favorite spot in the kitchen. He doesn't try to keep up with me anymore - I move too fast from room to room for him to keep up, but he monitors key activity. When I sunbathe on the back deck, he wants to be there. And when I return into the house, he's at my side.

We communicate by sign language because he can't hear anymore. When it's something he doesn't want to do, he gives me the same downward look, but obeys.

I still brush him, though more gently now to avoid disrupting his aging joints. He gets an egg on top of his softened dog food every night and regardless of what we may want, he gets to come in the house whenever he wants.

He's esteemed and loved.

My old man.


randyalan said...

Give him a pat for me Holly.

Mary Zolene said...

Ugh I saw the post and thought he was gone. I know he is getting so old. Best family dog ever. :)

Emminim said...

He sounds awesome. We've had a dog or two like that in our lifetime, they're the best.