Sunday, July 31, 2011

some words strung together

I got bit by an unknown bug at the lake. It swelled and my ears started itching. Now, the site of the bite is hard, swollen and hot and I think I should never be outside again.

That's impossible, though, because I love being outside.

I was outside a lot this weekend. Thinking, crying a little, laughing, hanging out with my animals. I like their company. One of our horses was cracking me up. I wish there was a camera to capture his interaction with me. But I was the one with a camera.

I'm watching Cake Boss right now. It's one of my brother's favorite shows. It's making me hungry for baked goods.

Two full days until my oral surgery. That makes me thinks a couple things: 1) I'm going to be in a lot of pain in three days and 2) I'm going to be hungry in three days. I told my little brother and sister over dinner that I was going to be off next Wednesday through Friday and at first they were very excited. And then they remembered it was for my surgery and I notified them that I was likely to be a bitch. But that I would try not to be. It's very likely, though. Part of me is excited. Excited to be knocked out (forced sleep!) and excited to have these things gone. I'm nervous too. Of course, there's the element of not waking up. But moving on...

I cleaned out a vehicle today. Scrubbed out the dog's water bucket. Played with my dog in the lake and my little brother and sister too. I drank margaritas last night and two-stepped till 2 a.m. I ate a cheeseburger and slept in today. I carried out our old dryer and carried in the new one with my sister. Doing laundry, which is strangely relaxing to me.

I'd really like to go camping. Or fishing, which I don't really even like to do, but I want to. I'm worried about getting my work done in two days this week. It's going to be next to impossible. Our old dog is slowing down. He's usually walking ahead of me on the way back to the house from the horses. Yesterday he was bringing up the rear. Meanwhile, my dog laid with me in the recliner - all 80 pounds of her German Shepherd self.

Glad the NFL lockout is over, but please. There was no way a $9 billion industry was going to be non-existent. Speaking of, I wonder if we'll have a national budget solution tomorrow.

Back to laundry and Cake Boss and chillin'. It's a chillin' kind of night.

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