Saturday, August 6, 2011

it could've been the adventure you wanted

I had enough clarity at the age of 24 to know that the lonely adventure I was living at the base of the Black Range Mountains in Silver City, New Mexico was one I would miss.

And I was right.

So although I grew despondent and fought moments of depression and loneliness, I reveled in the adventure I was livingn in my old adobe house.

That's the beauty of living in the moment. It's your moment to live in now. For all its angst and sadness and stress and celebration, the little moments add up to big adventures and before you know it, they're gone.

One adventure done and the threads of another being woven.

I miss my New Mexico adventure just like I miss my Kentucky adventure, my Texas adventure and the myriads of adventures in other places.

But the moments I'm living now will add up to a grand adventure that I will surely miss one day.

So I'm living it up, this crazy moment-by-moment life that equals one helluva ride.

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