Wednesday, August 3, 2011

so far so good

It took 55 minutes and my teeth were gone.

I was awake for the whole thing, but couldn't feel anything aside from pressure. The IV sedation wasn't knock-you-out sedation, apparently. I didn't mind it. Not that I really had a choice.

I'm glad I shaved my legs. The overseeing doctor rubbed my leg a couple times.

I remember the ride home and remember sleeping a little bit.

I'm just resting now and have about a three-minute limit for how long I can be up before I feel extremely nauseasous and like I'm about to pass about. I haven't eaten anything since last night but I'm not hungry. And I'm a little scared to eat and send my sensitive mouth into a hellish bout of irritation. Right now, it's pretty peaceful.

My family is awesome. My mom is bringing me drugs and liquid. My little brother set me up with a TV and DVD player. My sisters have visited in shifts. My dog hasn't left the bedroom without me except to drink out of the toilet a couple times. My friends are texting and a little disappointed I'm as coherent as I am. :)

I'm glad I'm awake enough to enjoy the fact that I'm resting.

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