Monday, August 8, 2011

it was bound to happen

It felt like whiplash that I'd kinda, sorta been expecting, but was hoping to avoid. I didn't entirely and I'm hopeful that last night's little, eh, episode will be the end of that.


If you haven't been reading here for awhile or have ignored my pages at the top of my home page, this will be the first time you learn I have chronic Lyme disease and while most days I manage it, some days it kicks my ass.

Last night? My ass was totally kicked.

This was a kick-me-back-to-summer-of-2009 kick in the ass.

While the recovery of the actual oral surgery has been effortless, my biggest concern was how my body would react to an overhaul such as this. It's not just pain meds, it's muscle relaxers that served to relax my impoverished joints and muscles and then whipping them back to reality when I started not taking them to get ready for work Monday.


Chills and pain. Pain and chills. I laid in the fetal position in my bed and cried. And then self-guided through a pain management technique I learned a couple years ago - recognizing and compartmentalizing the pain away from my body. I did that a lot in the summer of 2009, and most nights was the only way I could sleep.

My little sister brought me my heating pad, which is heaven to my joints.

Once I got my legs cleared, I felt like I was having a heart attack. My heart rate was 85 laying still, and the pain was reverbrating across my chest, back, arms and neck. By now, it was nearly 1 a.m. and I was tired. Thankfully I have enough medical knowledge in my background to know that heart attack symptoms for women mirror indigestion. Of course, we had no TUMS but thankfully my mom is a home remedy whiz. Baking soda and water it was, and I collapsed back in bed where indigestion went away and my heart did not explode.

Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, dental work incites the Lyme bacteria, so this could be a rough next four to six weeks. Or, optimistically, it could not be. It's always hard to tell with a spirochete.

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Ball Lightning said...

Hey just found your blog. (literally hit the next button and randomly ended up here) I've had LD (best guess) for 10 years. It's hell (im sure you know). I've tried many things over the years, nothing has helped.

Just wanted to say hi. I don't usually do this, I tend to prefer not to talk about LD at all and just ignore everything and try to live as well and normal as I can...

Anyway, good luck with everything. Perhaps I'll poke around your blog more and maybe glean some inspiration =)