Friday, August 5, 2011

some (oral surgery) words strung together

Forty-eight hours later - still no pain! A little headache every once in awhile and a bruised sensation on my face, but no pain.

I think I might have taken one too many pain pills last night when I got confused on the time. I woke up at 7-something thinking it was 10, but it wasn't and I'd just taken a pain pill at 6. That caused a couple hours of sleeping disorientation and some crazy dreams. Crazy. I have emailed the appropriate people who the dreams were about. They were almost too good to pass up.

Monsters, Inc. ran on repeat last night. I think it played four times.

I'm a teeny bit swollen, but not black and blue. I've been able to speak coherently since the gauze came out Wednesday night.

Hungry? Yes. I'm afraid when this is over I won't want to speak the words "mashed potatoes" ever again, much less eat them. I tried to eat chicken noodleless soup last night with soggy crackers, but then my sister told me I didn't want form of food getting stuck in the holes where teeth once were. So I fed that to the dogs and ate chicken noodleless/crackerless soup.

Speaking of, it's MP time and maybe some frozen yogurt.


randyalan said...

Glad it's going well, Hol!!!!!

Ryder Mulford said...

If those aren't side effects, then I don't know what to call them. But still, it's good to see that everything's going well for you.