Wednesday, January 11, 2012

every girl should do (this) to stay young

I don't particularly like sleeping on a mattress on my mother's living room floor.

But I do it often.

Nearly every time I go home.

One of my siblings asks me to and what can I say? "No" is not an option.

And since we live in a household where mattresses are just as easily taken off their box springs as they are put back on, there's little dispute when we build our makeshift bed.

Don't put it past us to one day put a roof over it and call it a fort.

At one point during the weekend, I was reading a woman's magazine and there was a list outlining things women should do every once in awhile to stay young at heart.

Two of the things that made the list:

Have a sleepover
Build a fort

Who cares that I'm 28 and would rather not want to sleep in the living room?

Heck, I'm doing it, and I'll even help haul the mattress out.

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