Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tim Tebow isn't extraordinary

There's a boy and his name is Tim Tebow.

You might have heard of him.

He was unplanned. He plays football. He prays.

He's inspired headlines that mixes "God" and the "NFL." His last name is a verb now and Scripture verses are part of sports analysts' vernacular when they discuss him. He's galvanized some sports fans - if you're not a Tebow fan, you don't love Jesus, and if you are a Tebow fan, you're a Jesus freak.

According to some, he's not even that good. Others wonder if he's a hypocrite. Christian girls want to marry him. Mothers want their sons to be like him. Youth group leaders are having a jolly good time heralding him.

I maintain my position.

Tim Tebow is not extraordinary.

He's a guy with a couple passions.
He's an ordinary man with less than ordinary talent who shares the faith of thousands.

Yet Tebow haters and lovers are transfixed and perhaps it's because this guy means what he says.

He doesn't just say football, he means it.
He doesn't just profess faith, he makes it visible.

Can we do the same thing?
Can I do the same thing?


Times Three said...

Got a bizarre email about this very individual the other day. Can WE do the same thing? Sure, why not? We can all play football and pray to dead prophetic figures if we want to - or did you have something else in mind? Speaking for myself as both an agnostic and a sports fan, I will continue to play football and profess a lack of belief in Jesus as the Messiah. This whole debate about Tebow is bizarrely American, don't you think?

Life as I know it said...

I would agree with you on your last point that idolizing individuals in this manner is "bizarrely American." What happens when we realize that TT is *gasp* a hypocrite (he's human after all) and he falls from the grace of the public eye?

In my opinion, it's our society's way of trying to encapsulate and humanize a Deity, which simply cannot be done.

The overall point I was trying to make, and I apologize for not doing it clearly, is that Tim Tebow is ordinary and the *thing* that makes him stand out the most is his unrelenting passion for what he believes in. THAT'S something I think we all can do.