Monday, January 23, 2012

How much does God love sports?

If you're of the mind that God loves the Broncos and that's why they kept winning in unlikely scenarios, then I could probably convince you that Murray, Ky. is heaven, the Murray State Racers are angels and Coach Steve Prohm is god.

It's either that or on the scale of God Loves Sports, the Racers rank high. Really high, because we keep winning.

As a matter of fact, if you haven't heard, the Racers are the only undefeated team left in men's college basketball IN THE NATION, and to prove my allegiance to my alma mater, my Facebook profile picture has been changed to a large yellow M with a racing horse.

We are Racers.

It's really great.

When I transferred to Murray State University from a community college, I wasn't trying to pick a university with a reputable mid-major basketball team. In fact, I was invited to my first basketball game because I had nothing better to do, and I had no idea really what was going on on the court.

But I was hooked.

Hooked on the atmosphere, hooked on the team camaraderie, hooked on the energy and competitive thrill of winning. We were winners then too.

Since that first game, I barely missed a home game and traveled to away ones. I learned the game and then introduced my non-sports friends to it. I took my younger siblings and later, the kids I nannied. I ran the concession stands once and argued with an aisle worker during a tournament game. Later, I would graduate for the second time on the court's floor.

The Racers have been featured on ESPNU a couple times this season and I find myself scanning the home crowd for people I know, and reveling in the feeling of being home as the cameras pan over the familiar banners, the Racer Band, the student section, the Racer bench and the section that belongs to friends.

I'm loving this trip the Racers are on and I'm proud to support my team.

I don't think God loves the Racers more than He does anyone else.
All I'm sayin' is that if there were favorites, we'd probably rank high. Really high.

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