Friday, January 20, 2012

messy life

Life is like a bag of dog food that spills its entire contents into the dog bowl when you're not ready for it.

And then you curse-murmur under your breath, or at least I do.

Or I yell, "I wasn't ready for that shit!"

But ready or not, prepared or not, blindsided or not, life has arrived in all its slippery unpredeictable glory.

Life might provide the music, but we can choose the dance.

What was intended as a roadblock can become a bridge.
What was hurled as a diversion can become a new path.
What was destined for destruction can become our most fertile ground.

Life has arrived. Well, it's been here for awhile, but in whatever circumstance we're dealing with right's here.

And it becomes our stage.


The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Um, where's the "like" button for this post?

thisonegirl said...

No kidding! I really liked this entry.