Wednesday, January 4, 2012

tell me why, electric lady

It’s true that my emotions are all over my face, but they’re in my voice too.

I guarantee you that the woman at my electric company knew I was incredulous over the phone when she told me how much my electric bill was.

First, the obvious question from me: “Um…why?”

Internally, I was screaming: why the hell is my electric bill more than $100?

The kind woman explained that it’s gotten colder and therefore I’m using my heater more.

“But I live in like 600-square feet of space…I don’t understand,” I replied. It’s not that I doubted her, it’s that I was suddenly not an adult anymore. I was a five-year-old kid in mourning. But why….

“Well, when you moved in, it was October and so the weather was mild and you didn’t have the heat on, or anything for that matter, and so you were only using 3,4,5 kilowatt hours each day,” she said. “But now that the weather has cooled down, you’re using about 25 kilowatt hours a day and it’s because of the heater.”

This woman is brilliant. She must have eyes everywhere and sees me at night crank up the furnace to 71 because this old-body-in-a-young-age is freezing.

Curl up, dogs, and humans, grab a sweatshirt. We’re not using 25 kilowatt hours a day of electricity. No. No, we’re not.

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Michael said...

WOW!!! You need to change your electric company. My place is just under 2200 sq ft and my electric bill has been just over $100.00 a month the past three months.