Friday, January 6, 2012

there's a sock in my hair

Sock buns are all the rage at the Cottage.

Someone asked me today: "So what are you doing different with your hair? Sleeping in curlers or what?"

I don't usually tout my beautifying secrets, but she asked so I answered.

"I just discovered the sock bun," and she replied with: "You are a 90-year-old grandmother."

"Have you ever heard of the sock bun?" I asked in defense.

"Yes," was her reply. "From my 90-year-old grandmother."

I am addicted to this notion. I'm barely through the door of the Cottage, after having left the dogs out, and my hair is entwined in a sock.

I discovered this while visiting a long-haired friend. Her hair was up and she casually said: "Yeah, I have a sock in it."

Um, tell me more. A sock in my hair sounds like something I can handle.

And it is, and it's even better now that I've had practice.

Naturally, I'm behind the times, because when I mentioned my newly-discovered craze, my sister nonchalantly replied that she'd be doing it for awhile.

"Why haven't you told me?!"

"Well, I didn't think I had to."

Yes. Anything that involves a sock in my hair should be told to me. She redeemed herself by giving me pointers. (your hair should be completely dry.)

I'm too tired right now to explain how to put a sock in your hair, but if you have long locks and you're looking for something quick and that serves the purpose of giving you curls in the morning when you take it (yes, you can sleep in the sock bun!), this is for you.


The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Why didn't I know about this when my hair was 1,904,283 inches long???? I'm almost tempted to grow it out again just so you can teach me how to do this....almost....not quite yet

Anonymous said...

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