Friday, December 2, 2011

Facebook is no diary

It's said that Facebook isn't your diary, and it's directed at people who incessantly update their statuses.

So, Facebook might not be my diary, but this is. Sort of. It's one of many, anyway.

...buying TP makes me feel like an adult.
...I walked in my bathroom, looked in the mirror and cursed. dog prefers drinking out of the toilet.'s creepy when you live alone and you see something somewhere that you swear you didn't touch. Who else is in the Cottage?!
...yes, I know my hair is green and blue. I did it on purpose.
...I'm glad to work in a place where I have a friend who will hug me good night.
...sometimes, I walk out of the bathroom without my bra or shirt on and then realize the front windows are open. And then I'm thankful those windows face an open field.
...the lip that I hit with a hammer is swollen five days later.
...scraping ice off my windshield with a CD is not what I'd like to do.
...does discussing your life insurance policies with a couple siblings make you an adult?
...has moments when the thought of selling my dog on Craigslist makes me very, very happy. We had one of those moments tonight.
...breathes a sigh of relief every time I come home and see that the crockpot has indeed NOT burned the Cottage down.

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