Saturday, December 31, 2011

the year of Migration

If I were to describe 2011 in a word, it would be migration and I would mean it in a literal and metaphorical sense.

There were ups and downs, twists and turns, some doubling back and circling around. There were tears, angry arguments, frustrated phone calls and conversations in parking lots. There was unequivocal joy and dancing to silly music. It was a summer spent with no air conditioning (!!!) and a year of intense professional development. There were friends, old and new - bettering of relationships and viewpoints. There were memories made and ones relived.

This was my 2011.

In January I migrated from strength to weakness and then back to strength...on my less glorious days. This is a theme for me, a common strand that runs throughout the fabric of my life. Strength eaten away into crumbling and then from the pieces, more strength is built perhaps stronger then it was before.

In February I embarked on a continuation of my journey to physical health. I started running and training for my March duathlon. I never expected or thought I would be able to do this, but I did.

In March I was promoted to city editor. I migrated from one position into another and continue to learn something new every day about managing news, leading people and changing our world.

In April I visited my people and I wrote about him for the first time. I spent the spring playing softball with my family and doing a lot of babysitting for a mom and three kids who lived with us for a few months. Physically, I migrated, staying with a friend during the week and going home on the weekends.

In May I was loving my simple life and embraced being shirtless on the deck.

In June I spent 24 hours in Corpus Christi with my friend Colleen. I ended up with second degree burns on my face and first degree burns on parts of my body. But we ate at Scuttlebutts and were satisfied, and stayed at the Passport Inn.

In July there was a big news event in Killeen and I became more acquainted with my wild heart.

In August my wisdom teeth were removed and I drove my car for the first time in a year. I migrated from staying at one co-worker's house and staying at another's. I found the Cottage this month, though I didn't broadcast it.

In September I turned 28 and I wrote about my job.

In October there was darkness, but somehow light shone at the end. There were moments of hanging on the brink of a dark abyss and thinking "this time there is no return" but there was. There was a gracious return. I spent a week in Kentucky at the end of this month, and moved into the Cottage quietly.

In November I wrote about the Cottage for the first time. I saw a friend for the first time in 7.5 years.

In December I documented some of my endeavors of simplicity and frugality and the adventures along the way.

I migrated a lot in 2011. From one physical place to another, changing addresses. From one financial state of mind to another. From one emotional state to another, and from one level of handy-womanness to another.

"She lives life in her own little fairytale."

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Kristin said...

Nice recap. And thanks for adding the mobile view. :)