Friday, December 30, 2011

he's not mine

He's like the neighbor kid who won't go away because your house is much cooler and way more fun.

My morning routine includes an obligatory "good morning, Blue" when I sleepily let Skye and Zeb outside. He plays with Skye for awhile and when I step outside 30 or 45 minutes later to play fetch with Skye, he chases her back and forth and proudly tries to steal her ball.

When I retreat back inside, he sneaks in and dives into the food bowl. And while I'm trying to leave for work, he prances around the house as I'm nudging him with my foot to get him to leave. He sits by the front door, just inside, determined not to go out.

But then he does and then he sits and watches me leave.

When I come home, it's a similar routine. He greets me before I get out of my car and trails behind me while I let Skye and Zeb outside. They play for awhile, and when I let them in, he darts back inside and we play tag around the kitchen until he leaves.

I'm not sure where he sleeps but it wouldn't surprise me if it were somewhere near the Cottage.

I can't hardly blame him. I'm a fan of the Cottage too.

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